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Suggestions for CCW Flashlights

There are always people that carry products that are outside the norm and everyone has a different reason for carrying what they want.  I knew a guy that carried a Desert Eagle and it wasn’t because he was a nut job, he actually worked on a farm and had issues with gators eating his dogs.   That’s not something I would expect my Sig 239 to  be dealing with but on the flip side, I also heard a story on the local news about a guy that just got his CCW and discharged his Desert Eagle into his hand and to this day it amazes me he has a hand.   There are always idiots in every flock but the vast majority of the product elements of society are very responsible and deserve to have access to the things they choose to carry. Pocket knives also vary and although I think Swiss Army knives are nice, clip on knives are more practical than something floating around in your pocket.   When I am looking for a flashlight that has  a proven track record there are very few companies I will place my money with, my Streamlight Flashlights are my primary home and CCW flashlights although I do have some of the Surefire flashlights on my M4 Carbines.   I am still in a testing stage for weapons mounted flashlights but according to all of the local Police Departments the Streamlight TLR-1 is their pistol flashlight.


Handgun lights that never seem to be out done

I can still think of the time when my Grandfather use to come home from Radio Shack with some new powerful flashlight that was very impressive to a 9yr olds eyes.  That giant flashlight that took those giant D batteries seemed like modern technology was displayed for my eyes only.  Later it was the spoiled rich kids that showed up on camping trips with the expensive mag lites that their parents gave them because they thought you need that much candle power on a camping trip.


Well, there’s nothing wrong with a bright flashlight, nothing at all.  The flashlights that I see in stores like the Streamlight Flashlights are so bright and compact that the only draw back is having CR123 batteries in storage and the fact that some of these flashlights are easy to loose.   I have seen many weapons lights on M4 Carbines, but the one hand held flashlight that everyone seems to use is the Streamlight TLR-1.   This handgun light is still the staple for rail handguns and could be used on any shotgun or rifle.  The best thing about it too is most of them can be had for under $120.


CCW flashlights and home lights

There is a difference between the two and it’s not just about brightness.   There are reasons to have small and compact flashlights and there are reason to have larger ones.   For instance, if you are looking to keep flashlights around the house, I larger body flashlight can be used as a weapon or be easier to find and hold onto in the dark especially at 4am.   Rechargeable flashlights are the way to go in your home and especially something that can turn on if the lights go out.  It’s funny how people that are always prepared for such things don’t have the drama as people that are unprepared.

One of the hottest selling ccw flashlights we sell wiht our Woolrich Elite product line are the PT-2L flashlights.  I had a customer buy one of these and asked when he walked up to the counter if “these streamlight flashlights are good everyday carry lights” and I reached into my pocket and pulled out mine.   When looking at the wall of Flashlights that we have those are the first ones that pop out to people about CCW lights.   If you are carrying a firearm you really need a light because identifying a threat in low light and determining how much a threat they are means avoiding or defusing a security issue.


Overhauling your home and personal defense flashlights

I don’t think I’ve seen more improvements that have affected my daily life more  than modern flashlight technology improvements.  I remember in Boy Scouts when the guys would show up with their Maglites and their battery sucking monoliths.   Batteries like the D battery are a thing of the past and just from a size standpoint,  the Streamlight Scorpion is probable 1/10 of the weight and 2x’s what some of those flashlights put out.  I find the Streamlight Scorpion to be the best all around flashlight, but it’s a bit too big for me for every day carry.   I also believe this light is the best size for weapons mounting but unfortunately I know of no pressure switch that works with them.

Everyone has  a different reason for for carrying a flashlight and depending on the task at hand we’ll have to choose one that works for us the best.   I Personally prefer the Streamlight Poltac and Scorpion with a Section 8 Tactical utlimate retention device on my Streamlight Flashlights.   This little accessory is also a great thing to have if you do not have a weapons mounted light and was a big hit for the IDPA Nationals Low-Light competition stages.  LED technology means more power and longer battery life and I strongly suggest you consider clearing out any of your older flashlights and stocking up on CR123 batteries because the shelf live is much longer and it’s all part of being organized and prepared.


Flashlights on a gun or hand held?

I think there is going to be a major change in the way we think of lights being mounted on firearms and in my opinion I wouldn’t spend too much money on firearm lights unless they were for my primary weapon.  It’s good to have more than one firearm available or atleast configured the way you want it for self-defense, but flashlights are getting smaller and more powerful and those bulky lights and expensive mounts are going to be a thing of the past in the next decade.   I suspect that in the next few years there will be pencel thin flashlights mounted on firearms that put out 200 lumens at ease.

I always hated the idea of putting flashlight on a handgun because that meant having to go through the holster testing ordeal all over again.   I have a bunch of Elite Survival holsters coming in soon that will get the job done, but Streamlight Flashlights especially the TLR-1 and the newer TLR version are probable the biggest sellers now.   The cool thing about them is you can put them on handguns and rifles but I wouldn’t blow more than $300 on a weapon mounted light just yet unless, like I said it was for a primary weapon.   If you look at how much LED technology has improved and light gathering technology like solar cells, smaller batteries and smaller lights with larger output are right around the corner.


How much of a Flashlight do you need to carry?

I  have asked myself that question for several years now and have actually enjoyed learning about all of the options that are available.  One of my primary rules for carrying a flashlight is it can’t be too small or I’ll end up losing it.  There are plenty of very powerful flashlights that cost close to $200 and can fit in your pocket, but to me that is a one heck of an expensive thing to loose.   Flashlights should be small if you are carrying them all the time, but there is such a thing as too small.   If it is really small you might as well put it on a keychain.

Even though I’ve been impressed with the Streamlight Nanolights and how powerful they are, I don’t like the idea of putting them on a keychain.  I carry a  lot of keys already and having another thing hanging in the ignition like the Streamlight Flashlights that are on a keychain makes keys kind of clunky.    I find the Streamlight Polytac to be a very nice light for all around purposes because it fits my hand very well, but it’s too big to keep on a belt or in a pocket all the time.   I’ve been carrying a Streamlight PT-2  or ProTac-2.  There is a smaller version called  the PT-2 but that is a little too small for me.   The PT-2 is in the Warranty office right now because I dropped it and cracked the lense, but the flashlight still worked.


Flashlights drop and roll

All flashlights are capable of falling out of your hands and that’s why you’ve always seen head mounted flashlights.  Many of my mechanic buddies use head mounted lights because things can get dropped into engines which can become a nightmare situation.   I actually know someone that was in a lawsuit with an auto repair place after someone dropped off a car to get a speedometer and spark plug change and ended up with a destroyed transmission.   The mechanic apparently tried to hide the fact that he dropped a screw into the engine and then turned it on.

Firearm and police can give you plenty of situations where lights have failed or broke on duty and each style of flashlight has its pros and cons.  Streamlight flashlights for sale can give you a selection of anti-roll and drop protection but not everything will work in every situation.   I have been a fan of flashlights like the Professional Series PT-2L for ccw but recently discovered that the one that I carry has a cracked lense.  Not too happy about that since it’s only been carried for a year, but we’ll see how much of a headache repairing it is.


Streamlight Polytac 90 flashlights

The Streamlight Sidewinder has an obvious purpose other than what a regular handheld flashlight is used for and if you need a flashlight like that, there aren’t a lot of options.   Finding a flashlight that gives you the lighting you need is going to get easier and easier these days and they are making them lighter and more powerful every day.   The Streamlight Polytac 90 is slightly shorter in length than the standard Polytac flashlight but it has a unique clip on the back to keep it in place, or  hand it on a belt or vest.   This smaller flashlight runs on 2 CR123 batteries.

Streamlight has an edge over other flashlight companies for firemen and emergency response primarily because Streamlight put the time into developing rechargeable flashlights that held up.   The Streamlight flashlights that we sell the most are the rechargeable and followed closely by the Streamlight Poltac 90.   I wish Streamlight would put a little more thought into the M4 Carbine world because although their flashlights are nice, they are not on par with what Surefire flashlights has out.    Surefire has a solid edge over weapons lights.


Every day flashlights

There is such a think as an every day flashlight that often gets over looked.   There is nothing wrong with carrying a larger flashlight, but for those in the CCW world, flashlights, knives, guns, spare magazines can really add up in weight and when you go from wearing shorts, pants, jeans and getting ready for a wedding into the mix, All of that gun gear can really affect your comfort level.   One thing you really can think about is keeping your accessories to a minimum.

The whole strobe flashlight thing does work for some situations, but lets be realistic, flashlight that is 150 lumens with a strobe is only going to give you a few seconds if that, of defensive measure.   Streamlight flashlights like the Professional series PT-1 and PT-2 are probable the most popular CCW flashlights we carry, but don’t over look the small and light nano-light from streamlight.


Sometimes those small tactical and CCW lights don’t cut it

The Northeast recently got hit by an Earthquake and a Hurricane and several family members have come to our Employees and asked them about some of the flashlights that we sold.   We’ve told them  that the Everyready flashlights that they had 30yrs ago are beyond out dated and the technology in the flashlights has advanced tremendously.  LED technology has so improved flashlights that we are now able to use flashlights for hours that are 5-20x brighter then what we had even 10yrs ago.   One thing has not changed though and it is something to consider if you are keeping extra flashlights around the house for non-tactical reasons.

The size of a flashlight is still very important to the average citizen.   The flashlights that use to hold 2 D batteries are about the size that most people expect to use when they think of flashlights and for older people and younger people the size of the flashlight is really a comfort thing.   People want to be able to grasp the whole thing and if they drop it.   The Streamlight Flashlights that we usually recommend are the Poly Stinger or the Streamlight Strion.  Even though most of our tactical operators are using the Streamlight Scorpion or Polytac on their guns or for CCW, those are not what many of your family members are going to want around.

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