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Kimber Pepper Blaster II

Kimber pepper blasterWe all know there are people that are living in States where carrying a firearm is not allowed, but considering how good modern technology has become, pepper sprays and tasers have become viable options for self defense.   We also highly recommend people consider carrying some level of less-lethal device other than a knife or a firearm because there are are more than likely more incidences where dealing with an obnoxious bully or drunk can be diffused with pepper spray than waiving a firearm and then having to deal with law enforcement in a he said she said.  While it is true that many Law Enforcement Officials have been using tasers, even those have proven to not always work.

With all of the crazy drugs people are on and how many zombie type things people take, you do have to consider that fact that less lethal weapons may not be the best option and carrying  a firearm is a better thing. One of our favorite options to suggest to people are the Kimber Pepper Blaster II devices because they are shaped like a firearm and can also be holstered like one.   I suggest carrying something like this as well as  a firearm because it gives you some  range and more accuracy than a stream spray and not the mess that a fog spray can make.  There is always the chance of blow back but the liabilities are less from a legal point.


Avoid the legalities and carry mace, too

Kimber Pepper blasterThere are plenty of reasons to carry some level of self defense weapons and sometimes it’s better to consider your firearm a secondary weapon and your primary as the less lethal.  Recently there was some debate about how well pepper sprays and mace work on animals and it was quite a conversion.  A person from the animal control ward came in here an mentioned that the pepper sprays were better on animals while another said that they are not good on dogs.  Some animals just become so worked up that it doesn’t really matter if they are blinded or not, they might just start barking and biting when they become blind.

The thing you need to realise about pepper sprays and mace are that it just gives you the opportunity to get away from someone, but doesn’t mean it will get them off of you.  I have strongly recommended the Kimber Pepper Blaster devices for self defense because they are shaped like a firearm and can be easily pointed after retrieving from a pocket.  The shelf live is amazing and  you get what you pay for.  No need to worry about flip tops or flip caps when deploying these.


More Feedback from customers about the Kimber Pepper Blaster

IF you walked into our Broomall Showroom, you would see a large selection of the new pepper sprays.  We still get customers that stubbornly don’t want to use anything but the small mace pepper spray that come in the keychain size, but we always show them the Ruger Ultra and stealth pepper sprays, the Kimber Pepper Blaster II and a few others.  The ASP Pepper Sprays seem to still be very popular due to their marketing of jogger or runner pepper sprays.  I guess joggers seem to cover more territory and going through parks or wooded areas make them higher risk for robberies.

Our favorite pepper spray is by far the one that has an expiration date of 4yrs and is shaped more like a firearm.   For many people, the idea of pulling a pepper spray out of your purse or pocket and  knowing which direction it pointing, the Kimber Pepper Blaster II is the most expensive pepper spray but if you can get past the idea that  you’re paying for 4yrs of security, then it’s not so much of a sticker shock.   We normally try to keep a dummy pepper blaster around for people to handle and that is normally an easy sell.



Convenience and comfort with pepper sprays

We have a lot of new pepper sprays with many various configurations for sale in our brick and mortar store and our online website.  You will have to consult with your local township laws on what is legal but the product line is expanding and things have really improved.   At first people get sticker show when they look at the price of the Ruger or the Kimber Pepper blasters but they are worth just as much as the $8 pepper sprays you get on a keychain from ASP or others.   Much of this is not at the same level as the stuff that many law enforcement officers carry but some of it is pretty darn close.   There are  not always just good for primary but also a very good secondary option that can save you money on the long run by reducing the legal fees of using a firearm.

My favorite secondary choice is the Kimber Pepper Blaster II which is a big ergonomically improvement over the Kimber Guardian angel.   We have several of the Sabre Defense and the ASP Pepper sprays available on our counter top displays at work and even though the Ruger pepper sprays and the Kimber Pepper blaster have some good points, these are tried and tested devices.   We have several customers that have been in our store that have told us they used them in defensive situations while dating or being on College campuses.  Sometimes instead of a kick in the balls a good stream across the face is a good way to say “you aren’t  interested”.


Best backup or self defense pepper spray?

That’s a hard answer to give because there are many variables in deploying pepper sprays but the best for the price that is easy to use and lasts a long time is the Kimber Pepper Blaster.  This design is much better than the previous guardian angel which felt more like a TV remove than a firearm.  I personally have demonstrated several of these for students and everyone thought they were very easy to use and a better option than bottle pepper sprays.    Everyone still comes in here to pick up the same old bottle pepper sprays and although these work well on sober attackers, overly aggressive men, they are not the fastest deploy.   Sure, if you train hard you can probable become more proficient but not everyone is going to have the time to do so.

There is a holster you can use with the Kimber Pepper Blaster but putting it in your pocket or a designated area of a purse is just fine.   It’s not like the Kimber Pepper Blaster is going to jam up on you from pocket lint.  There are no mechanical parts to move other than the trigger.  You get almost a 4yr lifetime out of these pepper blasters and they are very easy to toss in a your pants pocket.  The Tru Spec tactical pants and Woolrich Elite pants all have pockets that you can use that will fit these quite nicely.   I highly recommend these for gifts or for backups for personal protection.


Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 replaces Kimber Guardian Angel

 ASP Pepper sprays and other less lethal options are great backup devices for concealed carry.  When it comes to CCW,  tactical knives can be used for self defense or every day carry and utility purposes. Tactical clothing designs vary in many ways and the ability to carry spare gun magazines in pockets and vests can be done, but it’s all about preference. Speed Loaders for the j-frame pocket carry make a nice backup. For more aggressive tactical purposes Blackhawk tactical gloves, Vickers tactical gloves give you a broad spectrum of applications.

For more tactical clothing and tactical apparel options, Woolrich Elite Series tactical shirts, tactical pants and tactical vests, we have a large selection depending on your preference of tactical clothing, the Kimber Pepper Blaster works well in either tactical pants like the Blackhawk lightweight tactical pants, Eotac tactical pants, light weight and CCW vests, Woolrich Elite Discreet Carry Twill Jacket, The Woolrich Elite Parka, and a large selection of tactical flashlight, gun holsters and magazine holders.


Kimber Pepper Blaster our number 1 selling less lethal device

I think we can honestly say as a retailer of tactical gear and firearm accessories that when we are asked about the various pepper sprays that we carry, that we’ve gotten 100% positive feedback about the new Kimber Pepper Blaster II.  I guess Kimber might have gotten sued over the Kimber Guardian Angel name or something because they changed it for some reason.  The Pepper Blaster II has been out for over a  year and this redesigned version is a big improvement.  The original version which was called the Kimber Guardian Angel had more of a TV remote control feel to it.   The design was not as securely held in your hand especially if you have smaller fingers.

If you want to avoid dealing with law enforcement for brandishing firearms carrying a less lethal device as a backup or secondary might be a good idea.  Some of these flash mob incidents wouldn’t look so good on the news if you started a shootout with unarmed individuals especially minors but the kimber pepper blaster II is a good 2 shot weapon that can be used on a bad guy to deter them from any bad behavior.  The best selling point about these besides the firearm looking grip and design is that these last for about 4yrs.   Knowing your $40 purchase won’t go to waste or loose energy in a year is a good thing.


Are there better things than bottle pepper sprays?

We’ve seen all types of people come in our shop at various levels of knowledge about firearms or defensive devices.  We’ve had women that did not want to carry firearms but they wanted to buy pepper sprays or mace.  Guys come in and buy it for their wives or they come in and ask questions about concealed carry products.   People that have been robbed or had bad experiences in life get into this business looking for ways of carrying defensive products without buy a pair of 5.11 tactical pants and having a knife and Blackhawk Holster on them.  They just want to know how you actually do it.

Bottle pepper sprays are convenient but not very practical to carry, everyone knows by now that if you grab a cylindrical device you’re going to have trouble knowing which direction it is pointing.    Our line of ASP Pepper sprays are very reasonable priced, but there are things out there like the Kimber Pepper Blaster II, which use to be called the Kimber Guardian Angel, and there is a Ruger has a new pepper spray that has a better grip control than bottle pepper sprays but after watching some of the videos, all those strobes and sirens are more bells and whistles than what I think is practical, but if it gives you comfort than spending $20-$40 on it is worth the security.


Avoid the liability of using a firearm in self defense

Make sure you carry a less leathal weapon and there’s a very good chance you can avoid the legal ramifications of using a firearm.  I’m in no way saying that you shouldn’t carry a gun to protect yourself, but for even more insurance carrying different levels of self defense is a very good idea.  Just look at what moden law enforcement officers carry.  Cops don’t like pulling guns on drugged up teenagers nor do they want to have to pull weapons on groups of people that are unarmed.  This always looks bad on TV even thought the good citizen feels that bodily harm is just around the corner.

I have had my fair share of bad experiences with criminals and I have to tell you that carrying pepper spray is a very good thing.  If a 13yr kid gets worked up and starts threatening you, you don’t want to be the gun on TV that shot a kid 20yrs younger than you and is half your body mass.  We carry much of the Sabre Defense Pepper Sprays and these are also the same products that we sell to law Enforcement Officials.   Reactions to pepper sprays can be different depending on the individual you are dealing with and not all pepper sprays are anywhere near the same.  We have had several requests for FOX sprays and are looking to carry that line as well.


Less Lethal Options are a better backup?

I do not believe I could personally ever justify carrying 2 firearms with me at all times and the thought of doing that really just makes me feet hurt from carrying more weight.  Between carrying flashlights, cell phones, gun, magazines, car keys and a wallet.  It really does become very uncomfortable in certain environments to carry that sitting down.  Not all restaurant chairs are designed the same and there are times I’ve just come home from work and I couldn’t wait to take my firearm off.

The are some very effective pepper sprays that the military and law enforcement have access too but not all criminals are going to come up to you and try and shoot you.   I have carried various ASP Pepper sprays  and also have a lot of experience dealing with the criminal element.  In many situations you may be dealing with an obnoxious jackass who’s getting in your face because he’s trying to impress his girlfriend and thinks you’re and easy target.  If you showed your firearm you risk the chances of escalating the problem.

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