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Glock Factory Mags vs Magpul Glock PMAGs?

We recently started stocking some of the Magpul Glock PMAGS and are getting feedback from our customers.   I’m not sure if Glock is happy that Magpul is making mags for them because it looks like they are a winner with our customers.  I’m not an expert on the topic but we’ve seen several changes to PMAGS, AR15, AK, and Glock PMAGS and there have been some issues.  We are now up to 5 Generations of Glock handguns and there ALWAYS going to be variables.   Production variations in magwells, magazines, springs, ect have lead to issues in every firearm manufacturer.

There is a natural trend in our industry away from steel to polymer.   It’s all a technological and it’s the future, how many firearms are still sold with wood stocks? The savings of almost $10 or more per magazine is a big selling point and something I wish we would see with Sig Sauer.   Sig Mags tend to be in and around $40 per mag while Glock Factory Magazines are usually in and around $30 a mag.   The Glock PMAGS are about $15 a mag and from what we are seeing, they are getting good reviews from customers.   It’s always good to test magazines and ammunition out in your firearm before you rely on them but there are always variables and sometimes a need for a trip to a gunsmith.


Glocks a Generation still going strong

Glock magazinesThere were some credible issues with the Glock Gen 4’s but it seems that the spring issues are over and people have for the most part accepted them.   We deal with various technical products that you gotta be 100% sure you know what you have and the  production and modifications before you buy a holster.  We see that most gun makers are putting out handguns with rails, and if you don’t pay attention to your holster selections you’re going to have returns, exchanges, or possible accidents if you are too lazy to do the research.  Safariland has a very good holster fit guide that walks you through the steps of chosing  your sidearm, we walk our customers through that to find out what the availability is for such an item like a Glock 21 or a Glock 38.    Glock conversion kits are the most wanted Glock item right now more so than just the pistol magazines.

I personally have only been a “Glock guy” until recently but I completely understand why so many Police Departments want them.   Once you deviate away from 9mm, 40 S&W and 45acp, you might find it difficult to find Glock magazines when  you need them because there is still somewhat of a shortage on getting them.   Next are the TLR-1 Flashlights that so many people are getting trained to use on which is something you really do need to train for.  Flashlights are an asset and a liability.   The Glock 21 is probable the most popular gun in  our area right now but we are still having issues acquiring gun magazines.  Glock magazines for sale are mostly the 9mm ones at the moment.  Keep an eye on our website for inventory availability.


Sticking with Factory magazines for all of my handguns!

Glock 26  magazines in stockI started out with 1911s and they are probable the only magazines I would not buy factory magazines for.  As a matter of fact, I don’t  even know who I would say made factory magazines for the 1911?  Colt ?  Maybe but I don’t find Colt magazines to be as sturdy and Chip McCormick mags or Wilson Combat.  The strength of gun magazine springs and “you get what you pay for” really comes into play with this type of firearm.  I have a Beretta 92FS that I had a lot of fun with back in the 1990’s when the assault weapon ban was going on and this was just about the only firearm I could get magazines for at a reasonable price.  Back then some Glock magazines were going for $90 a magazine and after buying 3 or 4 of them you basically purchased a new firearm.

I have learned to maintain my firearms properly and magazine and spring replacement is as important as cleaning  your firearms, you just don’t have to do it as much.  I have heard stories of guys in the military that still had to clean out the magazines on their guns, something like the Glock 26 magazines in stock that are smaller and I’d probable say is a compact firearm, need to be cleaned probable every 5000rds or so because after that much usage, you really don’t know what else might have flown into your magazine.  There is a reason magpul makes dust covers for their guns  and in harsh environments I don’t think people realize that dirty magazines cause as much malfunctioning as dirty guns.


Thanks are settling down, but is the panic buying over?

Glock factory magazinesI guess it depends on whether or not you want to think about all of the things that could cause people to buy more firearms or ammunition, but now that the States that passed the new gun legislation  have pretty much done so, not many more are going to pile on.  Their are going to be Political and economic ramifications for passing some of these new gun laws and we’ll find out the results in 2yrs.   We recently heard that some companies like Remington are now restricting sales to gun shops that are price gouging on ammuntion and their are now boycotts of several big name companies for what they did in regards to AR15 sales on Magpul Pmag sales.  We see this type of panic and emotionalism after hurricanes or earthquakes and it’s widely accepting that the political opportunism that Obama has played is going to have blow back at some point.

We have noticed that there is somewhat of a slow down but much of this is because there isn’t anything to buy.  Ammunition is going to be hard to get for a long time but Glock Factory Magazines are starting to show up on our inventory and we recently got some Glock 21, Glock 26 and Glock 27 magazines in, in large quantities.   We  have not raised our prices about list price and we’re seeing positive response from our customers and developed a lot of loyalty.   The only thing that seems to be impossible to get right now are the Glock 22 coversion kits, although we do have small quantities of spare magazines in stock.


Competition shooting and

That seems to be one of the biggest gag lines I hear coming from people in the industry.  We had a Navy Seal come in here talking about Glocks and how he had to modify his slightly because he started out as a 1911 guy and had issues with the grip angle.  Recently I purchased a Glock 17 because it’s still widely used in our local Law Enforcement community.   I have a Glock 19 because I got tired of my Sig Sauer guns rusting out on my in the Summer but it did take me awhile to find the correct grip.  Luckily I had an instructor in here that gave me some pointers.   Handguns need to modified for the shooter if the shoot wants to be proficient with it.   I watched a Bob Vogel DVD about Mastering the IDPA and he mentioned several things he did that helped make him a more accurate shot.

Bob Vogel  uses a Glock 34 in his competition shooting and he is also a Police Officer.   One of the great things about Glock firearms is many of the Glock magazines work in various Glocks of the same Caliber.   I personally don’t like Glocks but I have a lot of respect for the design and I do agree that they are tough guns that have a proven track record.   If I was deployed and had to be issued a Sidearm it would defanitely be a Glock.   I’m a big fan of the LWRC gas gun designs but having to deal with a standard AR15 or an M16 and all of that gun maintenance and then another firearm.  I don’t want another gun to clean, just give me a Glock.


Glock 17 still running strong

There have  been many firearms that took a big chunk of the Glock sales away from Law enforcement but not everyone that tried to replace glocks were happy.  We watch the number of guns that end up being recalled about a year after getting into service.  First it was the XD models then it was a few others.  The reality of firearms is even though they are tested out and may work, things happen out in the field that are hard to predict and when something fails too much, it’s time to fix the problem or else someone else will pick up on it.  Glock seems to have shot themselves in the foot with the Glock Perfection and then coming out with a Gen 4 that made them look like jackasses.

We know that not everyone likes the grip angle of Glocks, but if you want something that is going to run in adverse environments, needs lower maintenance than many others, you aren’t going to beat a Glock.   The other thing to think about is the availability of parts and magazines and Glock magazines are not going to be hard to find.  You can find them  used at gunshows or online auctions and it takes very little effort to replace magazine followers or magazine springs.  The caliber interchangeability of Glock firearms also makes it worth owning more than one.


Avoiding corosion on firearms?

During the Summer months, I’ve had bad experiences where some firearms go messed up on the finish because my  body swear just built up so much in the holsters that the guns literally sat in corrosive environments for so long that even the protective layer of CLP wore off and the guns finish was ruined.   There are many reasons the military has moved away from wood stocks on rifles to composite and sidearms are moving towards polymer for just about every gun.  The Springfield XD, Smith & Wesson M&P have all taken up some of the Glock market but even Sig Sauer has their foot in the door.

I am a big fan of 45acp pistols, but I am not a big fan of double stack 45acp guns.  The reason for this is the guns are just too darn heavy and a Glock 9mm with 17rd spare Glock Magazines is fine by my if I  have to carry one all day.   Not having to reload half as much with a larger capacity magazine means something in the Law Enforcement world and the Military.    We see more and more polymer sidearms being used by Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for the same reason.

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