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Summer options for lightweight clothing

It’s been a very mild Winter this year and hitting 70 degrees in March is a good sign that Winter is over.   About 19 years ago we had one of the biggest snow storms that has ever hit Pennsylvania and it’s nice that we’ve pretty past the period where snow storms usually hit.   Lots of winter clothing is going to be packed up and put in a closet soon because in these parts of the Country we can get all 4 seasons and Summers can be pretty hard for Law Enforcement because lightweight clothing is hard to find.   Everyone knows that a t-shirt is about as light as you can get but there are some tactical shirt options out there.

The Woolrich Elite lightweight tactical shirts in style 44914 are very popular with our Military Contractors because they need the lightweight material and still need sun protection.   The next biggest sellers are the tactical pants that are 100% cotton ripstop also and are the lightest tactical pants we sell.  The Woolrich Elite style 44441 pants and style 44447 pants have very different pocket designs, but we’ll see how well the Tru-Spec tactical pants compete with them this year.  The 5.11 tac lite pro pants are also a new product and we’ll watching our customer feedback.



3 suggestions for the 7 day CCW holder

If you are a 24/7 concealed carry holder you probable already know most of this, but there are always new carriers that can use the advice and avoid discomfort and irritation.  I like many before me stared out carrying a 1911 45acp and felt well armed, but after several years of either bruising myself or having a holster fail, it was time to move to something smaller.   The 1911 is actually a very good gun for CCW because it is very thin and not really as heavy as some of the other 45acp guns.   The Springfield XD is probable the second most popular firearm but that thing is a tank when loaded to capacity.

I have many friends that have carried the 1911 in the small of their back, but to me this is something that can cause grave injury.   The whole tactical pants market is absolutely flooded to capacity, but there is no reason that with an elastic waistband, you should be able to carry a gun at 3 or 9 o’clock.   If you can carry a gun on a paddle holster you can usually get away with carrying a larger firearm, IWB is for thinner guns depending on your body type but that usually means a single stack firearm.  And then there is always pocket carry and  thing is by far the most comfortable way of carrying.


Here’s a review on tactical pants from someone that drives a lot

As previously mentioned there are a  ton of people out there that aren’t carrying firearms around with them that wear tactical pants.   One of my best friends actually is a carpenter and he uses them for work.    The Woolrich Elite style 44429 pants have knee pad inserts that you can use for a pretty long time and don’t get bulky or snag on  you because they are inside the pants not outide.   Cargo pants and front pockets are tactical pants can be very useful when you drive a lot and even the discontinued Woolrich Elite 4904 pants were really good for this because they had a lower ankle pocket.

Ankle carry is not a very convenient way of carrying a gun, but if you are on the road and drive a lot, it does have its advantages.   When  you have a seat belt on and it’s hard to move around, its good to know that getting to your Wallet or firearm in your tactical pants is easy.   Woolrich Elite pants use to be very difficult with their ID pocket but they removed the velcro and improved on the opening.   Right now I find the TruSpec 24/7 pants to be the most comfortable and easiest to work in pants, but I find the side knife pockets to be blocked whenever I have to carry a large size auto in a holster.

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