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Protect and organize your guns

Gun CasesAssault rifle case cases can also hold ammo and store sight in tools, too.    Uncle Mike’s also has an inexpensive line of rifle cases that can hold anything from a collapsed M4 Carbine to a full size A2.   The soft cases are soft, but can still be folded in half to be used as a rest if you’re will to be creative on the firing line.

Sometimes people think a gun case is for transporting your firearm from your home to the range.   Many tactical gun cases can actually help keep your gun and gear all in one case.     There are several gun cases that can hold 3 or more rifle magazines and its a great way to keep your magazines organized.   I personally like to store my 5.45×39 magazines in a Bulldog Hybrid assualt case and mark the bag, that way I can just grab the rifle from storage and throw it in the bag knowing my mags are already there.


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