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Firearm retention and applications

gun holstersThere is another consideration in choosing a holster that you may not be that concerned about at first.   Many in the CCW world may frown on having any kind of thumb break or locking system, but there are good reasons for thinking about this.   I would have to say that many of the thumbreak holsters that I have used in the past were nylon and although they worked very well for their intended purposes, I would never recommend them for CCW.   I am also going to state that I am not going to tell you which holster you should use because that is a personal choice and you should put some thought and research into selecting for yourself.   I have trained with 1911 pistols and although they are my favorite 45acp pistol, I have missed the thumb safety too many times during self defense training that I do not consider it for CCW.   I’m also aware that putting a thumbreak on the holster may compound the problem for such a firearm.

Glocks vs. 1911s is an argument I try not to argue about anymore because people are going to carry what they feel comfortable even if it has its drawbacks.   The one thing I still don’t understand though is the argument against 1911s and the slide safety and then people that lock their Glocks up in a Serpa holster.   IMHO each puts one step in front of pulling the trigger and if you don’t feel that you can comfortable pull a CCW firearm from under cover without missing the release, then do not carry with any gun holsters that have a locking system.    If you are carry on a leg holster or OWB and not under cover, then I think the situation can change.

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