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These shirts look great

The Woolrich Elite concealed carry shirts are really nice and we’re surprised to see how many shirts they have made.   I guess it was an easy switch to change their product line over from the Woolrich Elite main line to the Woolrich Elite Series tactical line.   The 44916 seems to be the best CCW shirt that came out last year although they did discontinue the 44915 and the 44913 shirts.  Those shirts are now on sale at a discount but they are still in stock. The velcro side flaps are somewhat boring but the shirts are a great bargain and better looking than what I see from Blackhawk and 5.11 tactical.

The newest ccw shirts from Woolrich are the best yet.   These have magnetic false buttons that you might want to use a shoulder holster or something like a deep cover concealment shirt.   The Woolrich Elite CCW shirts we have are very different in pattern and look to the 2011 ccw shirts and they are hands down the best ones.  I always recommend anyone that is using a shirt for ccw should avoid throwing them in dryers and let them hang dry.  We have not gotten any complaints about shrinkage on these shirts but it will slow down the inevitable shrinkage that occurs with all clothing.


Woolrich Elite Lightweight pants in Coyote Brown

We just got in the new Woolrich Elite lightweight pants in Coyote Brown and they look really good.  Over the years we have been surprised at  how un popular black tactical pants were and mostly see khaki colors, OD green and usually something other than black or navy.  I guess most people try and stay away from the ninja look unless they have to, but coyote brown is a welcomed color.   We have been pruning our tactical pants category down for several months now and we should be eliminated a few product lines.  One of those product lines we won’t be discontinuing any time soon are the Woolrich Elite pants.

When we first saw Woolrich Elite products get on the market the first thing we realized is the contrast between 5.11 tactical fabrics and the Woolrich Elite.  Bother tactical pants would state they they were made out of an 8.5 ounce cotton canvas but only the Woolrich Elite pants were really the ones that held up to that.  5.11 tactical would not be where it is today if it didn’t make some great products but the complaints coming from our customer base have been constant and many have moved towards Tru Spec, Woolrich Elite and Vertx.

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