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Keep the leather look

Bianchi HolstersThe sythetic duty gear crosses the boundaries between leather and nylon holsters.
The Bianchi Accumold design is approximately 50% lighter than similar sized leather holsters.  No long waits for customized leather holsters, still looks like leather if you don’t want to deviate too much from the traditional leather look and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. The Defender II Duty holster may be in  your interest if this sounds all good to you.  You can acquire these from for your Berettta 92,  Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.   The Bianchi Defender II Duty holster is also availablem in your favorite, H&K, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson or Taurus holster.

With concealed carry or duty holsters, there are always pros and cons of a design.  Sometimes we aren’t looking for practical, but pretty.  These Bianchi holsters are designed in a unique way in that it looks like it’s made of leather, but it is  not.   I know some old timers that refuse to carry anything but leather, but there are drawbacks to this.   If you are not in the mood for more frequent cleanings of your firearm (let’s not bring up the polymer gun debate right now, you may be interested in this design.


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