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Tactical Pants get Digital

Tactical ClothingEotac pants have been on the market for almost a  year now.   One of the most popular tactical pants is the Style 201 Operator pants.   These pants are hands down one of the most practical tactical pants you can find on the market.  You may even find that these pants are so well designed and comfortable you almost won’t need to wear a tactical vest since the pocket designs will allow you to hold up to six 30rd AR/M16 magazines in the pockets.  These pants are made of 100% cotton rip stop and have a gusseted grotch for extra strength.    It may be funny to read about someone talking about how the crotch on a pair of tactical pants are re-enforced, but if you’re in hot climates, you’ll need lightweight clothing and durability is always an issue for the lightweight stuff.

The Eotac tactical clothing line is marketed for mostly the non-military style clothing, but they recently release the new digital pattern camo pants due to high demand.   These pants are designed similiarly to the original ACU or Army Combat Uniform.    The modern digital pattern gives it a more modern look with a proven useful pant design.    The fit and manueverability of these pants is superior to some of the other lightweight pants out there.   They are so well designed that you won’t notice much of a difference in mobility if you’ve loaded up your mags and are now carrying 180rds of 5.56 in your pants.

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