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Got kids? Lock your stuff up!

GunVault Gun SafesThere has been a major shift in the attitudes of a lot of gun owners.   I remember the days when gun owners would never want to have to think about locking their handgun in a safe, especially if it was their bedside pistol.    Back in the day, we all had Grandfathers that kept guns laying around, but the stats show that accidents happen and kids will find them if they are not locked up.   If you don’t have kids around this is a none issue, but if you do, you may want to do some thinking.

What happened that changed peoples attitude about locking guns up?   Well, technology has caught up with the reasoning for having quick access to a handgun.   Years ago a gun safe meant using a key or combination to open and that can be cumbersome and slow if you really had to get to your gun at 3am.    GunVault gun safes have been through a few updgrades in the last few years and the safes they are putting out now are much better than the ones they had a few years ago.   The Key pad buttions are easier to feel and like all things,  a little practice time and your hands will do what they need to without thinking.   There is also a biometric version that can read your fingerprints which elimates the possibility of a kid gaining access to your guns.  The GVB200 will open up at soon as you place your hand on the sensor.

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